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Imagine this scenario…

John, your sales manager is one of your top performers. His sales are always steadily increasing and he’s great at motivating his small team to get excellent results.

He’s been with you for five years now and you have a very good working relationship. He understands your long-tem vision for the company and helps you develop the strategy to achieve it. He’s a big part of your long-term plan.

Things are going just swimmingly, you think to yourself.

Then you have a meeting with your auditor. She’s noticed some suspicious activity on your sales records. It turns out John’s been robbing you blind for at least four months.

Would you know exactly how to deal with this situation?
You need the perfect tool to make it easy!

You’re furious! Your first instinct is impulsive: fire him! Kick him off your premises! Have him arrested!

But, you can’t. You know the strict labour laws mean getting rid of an employee, even one who’s been stealing, isn’t that easy. The last thing you need is to have to pay John even more money he doesn’t deserve in compensation after a CCMA case, because you didn’t follow the right process.

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Now help is at hand, for less than R30 per form!



You need a plan of action. A legal one. And, no, I don’t mean you need to grab your yellow pages and find a lawyer. That’ll cost you more than you’ve already lost!

You know you must hold a disciplinary hearing and must give him notification of it. But, your wording needs to be 100% legal so you can defend yourself at the CCMA if you need to. But, you’ve never had a situation like this before, so you’re not sure how to word it.

After this you need to know EXACTLY how the chairperson must conduct the hearing and how to let John know he’s fired!

Problem solved!

FSP Business has made things easy for you. We’ve developed a user-friendly tool that makes your job as easy as: Log-in, select form and print.

The A-Z of Master Forms and Templates has every form you’ll ever need for any labour, human resources or health and safety issue. The forms and templates are arranged in specific categories, follow a step-by-step process and are 100% legally correct.

With this interactive tool, you’ll have everything you need just a click away.

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Let me show you how easy it would be to deal with John’s case...

Step #1: log-in with your unique subscriber password

 Log in page 

Step #2: Click on Discipline under the discipline and performance management section

 Discipline and performance management page 

Step #3: Click on Misconduct...use the simple diagram to identify where you are in the process…find the relevant form...and you’ve got everything you need to make sure you do things 100% correctly!

 misconduct page 

Get your A-Z Masterforms and Templates now!

Let John take you to the CCMA...you’ve got your case covered!

You’ve done everything by the book. So, even if John does take you to the CCMA you can defend yourself!  

And this is just ONE issue... What about all the others 


Until now, the documents for all your employee and health and safety issues would take you hours to compile, or you’d have to pay a consultant thousands of rands to do it.

You’ve really got more important things to do than draw up a warning letter or simple contract from scratch. You need it done for you. And we’ve done just that. Get the A-Z of Master Forms and Templates now and have all the information you’ll ever need for labour, human resources and health and safety right at your fingertips.

We’ve combined years of research by South Africa’s top labour, HR and health and safety experts (58 to be specific). Together they’ve provided a complete list of all the forms and templates to give you the perfect tool to make your labour issues easy.  

It’s almost like you have a team of virtual consultants to guide you through the process 


No matter what employee situation arises, you’ll have a team of consultants at your disposal! All on an interactive site that gives you the complete forms in the correct order, with useful tips and advice...all of which is 100% legally correct.

I wasn’t kidding about the cost either...but more on that later.

All the labour, HR and Health and safety forms you need…

Use the A-Z of Master Forms and Templates to prepare the legal documents you need to comply with the strict labour and health and safety laws.

You’ll be able to:

The ideal tool to recruit, manage and motivate employees!

Use the recruitment templates to find the IDEAL candidate. Use the HR forms and templates to MANAGE and MOTIVATE him to perform at his best.

The A-Z of Master Forms and Templates provides a simple, legal and effective way to ensure the development, motivation and retention of excellent employees.     

It would take you weeks to draw up all these forms, samples and checklists from scratch.

Every sample you’ll ever need... and I meant it when I said less than R30

Imagine if you had to pay one of our 58 experts to compile all these forms for you at R100 each (and it would definitely be a lot more), it would cost you a whopping R18 700!

The A-Z of Master Forms and Templates is a MUCH better option for you!

You can get 187 legally compliant forms, templates and checklists for R4 995...that’s only R26.70 per form and you get them all at the same time in one useful package for only R4995.

Can you afford not to have all these forms, templates and checklists just a click away...or are you going to wait and spend a minimum of a R100 every time you need one (not to mention the time it’ll take to get it)?

I hope you follow my advice and make your life easier!

Get your A-Z Masterforms and Templates now!

Kind Regards

Rachel Paterson
Business Publisher

P.S. Here's the full list of all 187 forms, templates and checklists you'll have access to:

187 forms, templates and checklists

Discipline and Performance management


36 common examples of misconduct
Verbal  Warning
First Written Warning
Second Written Warning
Final Written Warning
Disciplinary Hearing flowchart
Notice of possible disciplinary action
Notice of Disciplinary Hearing
Chairman’s Check List
Disciplinary finding Sanction
Chairpersons record of disciplinary proceedings
Appeal hearing finding form
Appeal Hearing Date
Notice to Appeal
Notice of Appeal Hearing

Notice of intention to suspend
Notice of Suspension
Notice of suspension as a punitive sanction
Notification of suspension

Performance management
Performance review form
Performance review policy
Informal Performance Review
Employee assistance programme checklist
Incapacity Procedure for poor work performance
Job Profile Template
Notice of Counselling Session
Counselling Form
Checklist counselling session
Record of Counselling Session
Final request - Performance improvement
Notification for Poor Performance Hearing
Notification of hearing form
Performance contract template
Nomination for training
Training Needs Discussion
Performance Decision Tree

Breathalyser Test Sheet
Drug Testing Sheet
Representatives required form
Witness required notification form
Acknowledgement of debt
Certificate of service
Employee resignation
Payment on termination of services
Sanction guidelines – insubordination
9 steps to mediate conflict
9 steps to manage change
10 steps for career planning
5 steps to develop an HR strategy
8 steps to motivate employees
Mentorship agreement
8 steps to design a communication campaign


Employment equity
EEA1 – Declaration by employee
EEA2 – Workforce profile and core and support functions
EEA4 – Income differentials statement
EEA7 – Objection against a compliance order in terms of S 39 of the Act
EEA8 - Demographic profile of the national and regional economically active population
EEA9 - Occupational Levels
Employment equity regulations
Employment equity website guidelines

10 key clauses in employment contracts
Sample contract – salary earner
Sample contract – wage earner
Sample fixed-term contract
Independent contractor agreement
Independent contractor checklist

Recruitment policy checklist
Job application form
Interviewers questionnaire
Interview questionnaire example
Interview questionnaire template
Interview evaluation
Sample letter of regret
Sample offer of employment
Sample – learnership agreement
Calculation of employee remuneration
Overtime and calculation of rates of pay
Employee orientation checklist
Induction checklist

Company policies
Overtime agreement
Payroll deduction authorisation
Staff loan policy
Sample payslip – domestic workers
Wage tables – domestic workers
Independent contractor policy
Communication channels
Sample dress policy
Reasonable accommodation policy
Ethics policy
Gifts and bribes policy
Sample basic wellness policy
Life-threatening disease policy
Smoking policy
Code of conduct governing work functions
Disciplinary Code


Checklist – ask yourself the following before you decide to retrench
Checklist – take the following into account when choosing who to retrench
Checklist - Identify who you need to consult with
Checklist - Ensure you consult on these 5 points
Checklist - Make sure you include the following in your Section 189(3) notice
Checklist  - what to include in the notice of retrenchment letter
Sample - letter to initiate retrenchment


Acknowledgment of the right to strike
Strike – first written warning
Strike – second written warning
Strike – final written warning
Letter re. Demonstrations
Letter re. Misconduct
Procedure for an unprotected strike
Notification of lock-out
Sample – wages substantive agreement
Summary of data for substantive negotiation preparation
How to find out if your union is representative


LRA form 7.19 – Request for pre-dismissal arbitration
Consent to pre-dismissal arbitration
Notice of jurisdictional appeal
Sample affidavit in support of jurisdictional application
Sample affidavit in support of condonation application
Sample opposing affidavit for condonation
LRA form 7.11 – Referring a dispute to the CCMA for conciliation (inc con-arb)
Sample notice – objection to con-arb
LRA form 7.13 – Request for arbitration
LRA form 7.14 - Notice of objection to arbitration by the same commissioner
LRA form 7.15 – Application to appoint a senior commissioner to arbitrate
LRA form 7.18 – Application to certify CCMA award and writ of execution
LRA form 7.16 – Subpoena This form should be before the one above

Employee privacy

Loan advance application form
Staff exit form
A-Z of discrimination checklist
Electronic Communications Policy
Grievance meeting date
Grievance notification
Grievance outcome –step 1
Grievance outcome – step 2
Grievance outcome – step 3
Grievance outcome – step 4
Grievance procedure
Employee personal details form
Checklist for storing personal information
Exit interview questionnaire
Essential personnel documents
Alcohol/Drug Test Request Form
Confidential Request for Assistance
Drug-free Workplace Policy

Health and Safety obligations

Construction - Sample appointment letters
Construction - Regulation requirements
Construction - Duties and responsibilities
Construction – Indemnity agreement
Construction – notification of construction work

Contractors - Agreement between client and contractor
Contractors – contract between employer and contractor
Contractors – mandatory contractor site audit inspection sheet
Contractors – health and safety plan
Contractors – health and safety specification form
Contractors - Induction and training content

Contents of first aid box
First Aid Dressings Register
Material Safety Data Sheet
Agenda for health and safety meeting
Appointment of chairperson
Department of Labour inspections
General guidelines for health and safety
Reporting an incident
Health and safety representatives
Health and safety policy
Health questionnaire
Health and Safety Inspection sheet suitable for offices
Checklist of specific records you must keep
Occupational health risk assessment
Risk assessment table
Checklist of employee obligations
Hazard control table

Compensation for occupational injuries and diseases act (COIDA)

Registration of Employer with the Compensation Fund
Schedules of injuries and diseases
W.CL.1 – Employers report of an occupational disease
W.CL.4 – First medical report in respect of an accident
W.CL.5 – Final/progress medical report in respect of an accident
W.CL.6 – Resumption report
W.CL.14 – Notice of an occupational disease and a claim for compensation
W.CL.22 – First medical report in respect of an occupational disease
W.CL.26 - Final/progress medical report in respect of an occupational disease
Compensation payouts


Desertion procedure
Leave form
Special leave policy
Unpaid leave policy
Absenteeism and desertion policy
Post-absence interview form


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